COVID Test Reimbursement in Colorado – Covid Test Reimbursement

COVID Test Reimbursement in Colorado

Residents of Colorado can now receive COVID test reimbursement for rapid at-home kits. This program was enacted by the Biden-Harris administration and became effective on January 15, 2022. Commercial and private insurance companies are now required to provide reimbursement for COVID tests purchased on or before January 15. Tests purchased before that cannot be retroactively reimbursed. 

The plan came into being when the administration realized Americans were avoiding purchasing COVID tests due to the price and lack of supply. The goal is to make at-home COVID testing more accessible, and more affordable. 

At-home COVID test kits can be expensive. Kits including two tests can sometimes cost over $25, which is enough to say never mind for some residents of Colorado. Health and safety should come first, and this program should help motivate Coloradans to take COVID tests when they’ve been exposed. 

Along with the program, there is now a government website where individuals can order free COVID tests and have them delivered at no cost. Overall, COVID tests are hopefully becoming more accessible to encourage regular testing. 

How Does Reimbursement for COVID Tests Work in Colorado? 

Programs will work similarly in all states since it’s up to the insurance companies to decide what to do going forward. All insurance companies are required to cover up to 8 at-home COVID tests per individual every month. Families will be able to get 8 tests for each person in the household. 

Most test kits come in a set of two, and each test will count as one. So, most boxes will use up to two of your monthly test reimbursements. Insurance reimbursements for COVID tests will max out at $12 per individual test. 

Insurance providers are encouraged to create a network of pharmacies that members can go to and obtain COVID tests without paying upfront. Members should be able to check the websites of their insurers to see where they can do this and how. 

All COVID tests must be FDA approved to receive reimbursement. Tests from third-party resale sellers will not be covered. So, if you’re in an area that is low in supply you can’t buy one from someone on eBay and get the money back from your insurance. 

Currently, all tests purchased from major retailers should be covered for COVID test reimbursement. Tests must be for personal use. All tests required for employment or travel will not be covered under this program in Colorado. 

When you purchase your at-home COVID tests, be sure to hang on to your receipts. You will need to submit them when you make your claim. 

When Should I Get Tested? 

This program only allows individuals 8 tests a month, so it’s important to use them only when necessary. Testing every day is a good idea, but employers should be covering this if it’s required for work. 

According to the CDC, individuals should get tested within 5 days of exposure. The day you were exposed is considered day 0, so start counting the day after. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as a cough or fever, test yourself right away. 

This program is a great way for individuals to ensure they have COVID tests when they need them. If you require more than 8 a month, you can utilize the government website to order more, or pay for them out-of-pocket. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem 

BlueCross BlueShield Anthem members will be able to receive insurance reimbursements for COVID tests. Members need to keep receipts to submit with their claims for proof of purchase.  Claims for COVID test reimbursement can be filed online through the member portal. As of now, Medicare and Medicaid BCBS cannot be reimbursed through this program. 

BCBS is a massive insurance company with branches in many states. They are currently working on implementing a pharmacy network for members to receive COVID tests without paying upfront. Members should stay up to date to ensure they know when this is available to them. It should make getting COVID tests much easier since no reimbursement is necessary. 

Bright Health Care

Bright Health Care members with commercial plans will be able to receive reimbursement for at-home COVID tests. Members will be required to submit a claim online and will only cover personal use tests. The website lists that there may be in-network pharmacy coverage, but no specific pharmacies are listed. 

Friday Health Plans 

Friday Health Plans of Colorado will reimburse members for 8 tests a month up to $12 a test. They will also be able to purchase tests at in-network pharmacies. The Friday Health Plan website states that members must bring a copy of their member ID with them to receive COVID tests with no out-of-pocket cost. Friday Health Plan members can check what pharmacies they can obtain tests at here. The majority of major pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens are participating in insurance reimbursements for COVID tests. 

 If members purchase tests out of network, they can pay out of pocket and submit a claim for reimbursement up to $12 by mailing in this form.

Oscar Health Insurance 

The Oscar Direct Coverage program offers members a pharmacy benefit that will allow them to obtain at-home COVID tests with no out-of-pocket cost. Their website states that many pharmacies in their network will deliver the tests right to your door, as well. All members need to do is have their member ID handy, just like picking up medications. This information is accompanied by a note stating that many pharmacies are still working to get this system up and running and that members may pay upfront. If this is the case, Oscar has resources for reimbursement online. 

Rocky Mountain Health Plans (United Healthcare)

RMHP members can visit participating pharmacies for tests at no out-of-pocket cost. Their website encourages members to double-check inventory at the pharmacies before going to obtain their COVID tests. If members go to an out-of-network pharmacy, they can submit a reimbursement form. If tests are shipped, the costs are not covered with insurance reimbursements for COVID tests.