Covid Test Reimbursement in Maryland – Covid Test Reimbursement

Covid Test Reimbursement in Maryland

COVID Test Reimbursement Overview 

As COVID-19 continues to be a part of the lives of Maryland residents, at-home COVID testing has become common practice. It’s a safe habit to get into to keep you and your loved ones safe. The problem is the tests are expensive and have been in short supply due to rising popularity. 

It can be easy to say forget it and not take the test because you don’t want to shell out $25. The good news is on January 15th, the Biden-Harris Administration began requiring health insurance companies to cover reimbursement for COVID tests. Residents of Maryland with private insurance will be able to receive reimbursement for any at-home tests, or won’t pay any out-of-pocket cost at preferred retailers. 

Currently, Maryland insurance companies are offering forms for plan members to fill out to receive reimbursement. It’s important to check with your plan to see what is available to you and make sure you save all documentation of your purchase. 

The Biden-Harris Administration wants to encourage individuals in Maryland to take tests as needed with no additional cost to them. As this becomes commonplace across the country, insurance companies are working out the kinks to ensure plan members are receiving proper COVID test reimbursement. 

Who is Eligible for COVID Test Reimbursement? 

The Health and Human Services Department states that only Maryland residents with private insurance will be eligible for COVID test reimbursement. This means individuals who have purchased insurance through the marketplace or are insured through their employer will receive COVID test reimbursement. Medicare and Medicaid recipients will not receive the benefit, but they can order free tests through a government-provided website

Where Can I Buy At-Home COVID Tests in Maryland?

Commercial insurance providers must reimburse for at-home COVID tests purchased from any retailer up to $12 per test. According to the Biden-Harris Administration, insurance providers may partner with preferred retailers to provide members with tests at no out-of-pocket cost. The majority of insurance providers in Maryland are requiring claims to be submitted, and some are offering test ordering directly on their website. 

 Are Tests Purchased Before January 15th Covered?

No, any at-home tests purchased before January 15, 2022, will not be covered by this act. Commercial insurance companies are only required to reimburse for tests bought on or after this day. Some plans, however, may have already given coverage for this so it’s important to check with your provider on your plan details. 

What’s Covered? 

Currently, insurance companies are required to cover the cost of any at-home over-the-counter COVID testing kits. Up to 8 tests will be covered per individual, and a family of four can receive up to 32 tests a month. If two tests come in a package, they still count as two separate tests for COVID test reimbursement purposes in Maryland. At-home tests must be FDA-approved and used only for personal reasons. Some brand names of tests that are covered are:

  • Abbott’s BinaxNow At-Home Test
  • Quidel’s Quickvue Antigen Test
  • Orasure’s InteliSwab Rapid Test

Will I Automatically be Reimbursed for the Full Amount of the Tests?

Maryland insurance companies are requiring forms to be submitted by mail or online in order for members to receive reimbursement. Insurance companies are working to implement the easiest routes for members to get their money back as fast as possible. At this time, no retailers are offering tests without out-of-pocket costs. 

 Will the CDC Reimburse for COVID Tests?

No, the CDC will not be providing COVID test kit reimbursement in Maryland. All tests purchased for travel purposes or employment will be paid for out-of-pocket by the individual. The only way to get reimbursed is through your private insurance company at this time. 

Insurance Reimbursement for COVID Tests by Provider

Insurance companies are working to provide seamless, easy-to-use methods for their Maryland plan members to get reimbursement. Ideally, members will be able to acquire COVID tests at retailers with no out-of-pocket cost, but this is tricky since each provider must create their own plan. Always check with your provider to keep up to date with how they are handling this. Here is how some of the biggest insurance providers in Maryland are working to ensure their members receive proper COVID test kit reimbursement. 

BCBS CareFirst 

Commerical members of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield are being reimbursed for at-home COVID tests. To receive reimbursement for COVId tests, members must download and print out the claims form on the website. When plan members mail in the form, they must include the purchase receipt, UPC from the package, and a signed attestation acknowledging their purchase. Everything must be mailed in, no online claims are available at this time.


Cigna Maryland commercial plan members will need to download the test kit claim form and mail it in. Depending on the type of Cigna plan you have, you will have to provide documentation along with the form to prove you purchased the tests. 

Aetna Commercial Plans

Aetna plan members will need to log into their portals to find out if their plan covers covid test reimbursement. Member information will be found here to see what needs to be done for reimbursement of covid tests. 

Kaiser Permanente Commercial Plans

Members of Kaiser Permanente commercial plans can order tests directly from their website at no out-of-pocket cost. Kaiser will also reimburse for all tests purchased on or after January 15. 

Additional Information on COVID Test Kit Reimbursement in Maryland 

Since March 19, 2020, the Maryland Insurance Administration has required all commercial insurance plans to waive any fees regarding COVID testing and care. At the time, at-home tests were not available, thus not incorporated into Bill approved by Governor Hogan. Checking with your provider is the best way to ensure you’re getting the correct reimbursement for at-home COVID tests.